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Sir John

EstiloHard Rock
Cidade/EstadoBagé / RS

Now I Know

Composição: Ivan Santos

At sunset we will keep going on the road We are getting ready for another night To get to the top of the charts we will face a great journey The joy of the people in the house The night starts in a big style Our mission: keep them excited It's rock n' roll and its magic, my friend Now I know what it takes to be All that I dreamed of Believe, fight to see The whole world recognize The path I traced The rock n 'roll I've ever played Made me get to where I am And now I want to see the whole world shudder Excitement get us all night long Full house and a amazing party People enjoy rock and feel The shiver we get Each show is a new move Pack it all, let's hit the road The feeling that we have again Is that everything is doing well, OH YEAH Now I know (what I want for myself) Now I know (it won't be that easy) Now I know (but, we have to believe) Now I know (that we will conquer) Now I know (the whole world for us) Now I know (And we want to become) Now I know (someone to remember) Now I know (rock it for real)




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