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Rod Jr

Rod Jr

Cidade/EstadoTatuí / SP

For You, My Love, I Sing The Blues

Composição: Rod Jr

I fail on every little point I say and do I'll admit that I could be much better too Relaying feelings into tunes Printing maps with all the glues For you, my love, I sing the blues Inspite the anger moments filled with roaring laughter, You aimed an egg on me, And hitted me with a rock Please take this cocktiel bird, I taught him all my words For when I'm not around, He'll sing the blues It will tell you of a world romantic, Like byclicles and puzzle motor-unique, It may say bad words too, My thoughts on catapult, For you, my love, I sing the blues It is ecchoing in your head while you are cooking, It is written in the soup, all the letters Don't ever stop a movement, the force is the movement You dance, my love, I sing the blues. We dreamt of a world romantic, Pirate burger every single week But we were made of fools, When we were felt on blues, Cocktiel bird stole the jewels Cocktiel bird was tief




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