Silent Cry

Silent Cry

Cidade/EstadoGovernador Valadares / MG

The Wine’s Dance

Composição: Music – Albenez Carvalho

Feel the contagious energy's force That takes us in its contaminating rhythm You're pale and cold, have some wine and renew yourself Slow movements follow an enchanting symphony And the souls dance, hypnotized by the darkness There's nothing left for them but the wine's dance Everything is possible in the dark room of dead souls While they kiss, we feel the force that emanates form the energy Drink the blood of our victims for they're dead This path has no return, it contagious, move yourself, the wine's dance This path has no return, it contagious, move yourself We're like them, there's no return, and we've reached the end. Taste the blood of our helpless victims Cry not over life, for it no longer belongs not to us




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