Imagem de capa de SOFIA




Composição: Alex Novaes, Bruno Lamas, Leo Bomeny

Lets get married in the summer Then have a dog by mid October If its too fast we’ll take a year off from the world and runaway to think things over Tell your mother you’re in love dear I called your dad so we’re all clear If its too fast we can always hit the breaks but i just wanna take you out and get away from here Put your walls down Shut the lights out I don’t wanna fuck this up Sorry if its all too much to take now Take your time dear I’ll be right here I don’t wanna fuck this up Sorry if its all too much to take now I’ve been acting kind of insane Just cause I wanna see you happy I’ll take it slow to see where things’ll go And then we’ll speed it up again to 90 Im too impulsive for my own sake But i think you like that shit about me We have our own crazy little place in the world It feels like home cause we’re both free In the dead of the night you call me up to Tell me whats on your mind So i just calm you down I think we’re alright but i can’t tell dear You’re afraid of the thought That you’ll just let me down




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