Imagem de capa de The screams of widow´s son
The screams of widow´s son
Cidade/EstadoSão Paulo / SP

Void Absolute

Composição: Sir Peter Marx,Glycon Murmur.
God, the Void Absolute, proclaimed the only living being Powerful and real, the livid world, by necessary Consequence, the nature, all the beings effectively real therefore Alive compared to the Divine, declared nothingness Praise! Void Absolute! From the Void, to reality From reality, to the void absolute nothingness Rules the laws of nature And the laws of men Praise! the Nothingness The heavens above divine enrichment The Earth Down Beneath The impovershed lands Hail, Emptiness Divine The realm underneath Eternal Endured Misery Praised be, Void Absolute! Praised be the Nothingness Hail to the Emptiness Divine Hail the Void Absolute God of Nothingness Lord of All, the Emptiness That will last eternal




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