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Vinicius Bertozzi

Vinicius Bertozzi

Cidade/EstadoSão Paulo / SP

Wish I Was There

Composição: Vinicius Bertozzi

Where do you truly wanted to be right now? Where is the place You feel comfortable with your body Your thoughts, your voice, your beliefs? Where there's no people judging you For being who you are, who you like, Or for looking like you do Where everyone respect and love themselves But, most importantly, you respect and love yourself Where the traumas you have Don't define who you are Neither they hurt you Where your mind is strong enough To realise that what you think it's your flaw Actually it's what makes you unique Where is this place you accept yourself When you cannot achieve your goals And are willing to keep trying and trying But if eventually you change your mind it's ok too? I don't know where this place is So I think I'm gonna start creating it right now Come with me




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