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Cidade/EstadoSão Paulo / SP

It's Not Gonna Hurt

Composição: Philipe Yutaka

Just don´t call it "fall in love" Just don´t call it "fate" This is just a special gift It coming from the Angels Yes, i can say "you have luck" To find it on your way Now it´s time to celebrate To get high on meditation Just let the music get inside of you It´s not gonna hurt, it´s not gonna hurt Just let the music take you to far away It´s not gonna hurt, it´s not gonna hurt Now you can spread the secret to the World You know, some of us fall in many mistakes Always trying to get answers for all of the things I can tell you, brother, the preciousness of a breath What you are feeling now is the music blessings Jump in ecstasy, go through the clouds Open your beautiful wings, get off the ground Feel the magic inside, the music brings Then open your beautiful heart, let it get in Let it get in




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