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Sweeter than Sorrow's own brand of melancholy romanticism with distinct personality is a stamp of authenticity and integrity.

Plastic Magazine sealed his past release “Somersaults” as “one of the most unique, alluring, and enthralling songs of the year,” and Sweeter Than Sorrow was the one to watch in the indie scene.
Though the authentic Sweeter Than Sorrow aesthetic is often highly praised among critics, to Wåhlberg, the project has more personal significance.
Each Sweeter Than Sorrow release shares a profound personal bond with the creator and conveys a deeper meaning in the palette of poignant soundscapes and honest vocals. Sweeter Than Sorrow exists to connect. “The bond,” a song dedicated to his wife, celebrates love with a timeless sound. “Into the Night” sees him contemplating love, grief, and peace with the cycle of life through the form of a lullaby. Wåhlberg quotes Cigarettes After Sex and Sufjahn as two of the project’s early influences and REN as a more recent one.
Since its very first release, Sweeter than Sorrow has shown potential. The debut single, “Like Water is Flowing,” has generated several 100k streams on Spotify without the help of a label.
Sweeter Than Sorrow has since been featured on thousands of playlists.

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Mattias Wåhlberg

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