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Bear Me Again

Bear Me Again

Cidade/EstadoBelo Horizonte / MG

Road of Glass

Composição: Bear Me Again

Road of shattered glass and vinegar Oh, how far home is from me now And I made myself a bed of roses where I can't see you I can't see you anymore And I heard from my father and my mother: "Hold god's hand, one day you will soar" I heard from my girlfriend and my brother: "Who would know, one day you'd let go?" "One day you'd let go" Formulas and scientific atempts What have I not tried by now Hurts to say goodbye when you know it's the last one Las one And I heard it coming from my conscious: "Out of bed! Time will surely pass" I squint my eyes to see how far was left to Get to you, going on this road of glass Going on this road of glass And I tried to spend my life, far, far But you chose to go after me Even though I'd been so lost And I was so lost




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