Imagem de capa de Beto Lani
Beto Lani

Beto Lani

EstiloHard Rock
Cidade/EstadoBelo Horizonte / MG


Composição: Beto lani, Ghuzz, Rick Kilcher, Noel Fernandes, Iago Costa

How about if i just left here Would it make a difference if I did Two years since I’ve gone and nothing’s change To you ar any one at all I wonder if it was my falt Should I dosomething more? else should I forget? Wrong, am I just all the time? How i lost my own? You showed me tom y reflection Taught me to see something else Now All I see is someone that I’m not Who am I supposed to be? I really don’t think I should be here Every one just look away from me Wrong I was one single time Why did i hear you No, I know nowhere to go I’ve been lost in you It’s so easy to forget Who was I before all that But not that easy to let go It’s so easy to forget Why can’t just let it go So I’m standing all alone Wrong wrong It’s so easy to forget(6x)




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