Bruno Felix & Voodoo Kings

Hard Times

Composição: Bruno Felix

Hey there baby! Long time no see I got some good news, you better believe in me I got some money, and got a home But I tell you darling I’m still here alone And once again I’m talkin’ to you on the phone You’ve hurt me baby, but now I know I was wrong I’ve been sad, almost insane Without money, trying to find a way I’ve been mad, almost sick Worried ‘bout you baby, seven days in a week ‘Cause when you left me, I didn’t knew what to do But I’ve crossed these hard times, just by playing the blues Come on honey, and take a look around I have changed, I know you gonna be proud You can trust me, I love you We can change the things that we used to do Together we can be stronger than one alone And be prepared if other hard times come.




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