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    Old Mother

    Fernando Cavallari, Renan Lopes Baptista, Christian do Carmo, Felipe Ferreira, Elton do Carmo Nunes

    Old Mother

    That's the way it's got to be
    I cannot stand your words in my ears
    You don't listen a single time
    Always trying to fuck with my life

    You like it when a fall on my knees
    Feeding on what destroys me
    Your filthy hands make me crawl
    Feeding your anguish with my fall

    Burning all in the way
    Burning this naked body in lust
    this naked body in lust
    in lust, in lust
    In the insanity of your mind
    in the insanity of your mind so fucked
    in the insanity of your mind so fucked
    so fucked, so fucked

    Then the holy water comes to wash away
    the sins of your lie
    Come, The Old Mother
    Who caresses your life and than dies
    At least you have tried

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