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OuvintesHiane Pate e outros 911 ouvintes
Hiane PateHiane PateHiane PateHiane PateHiane Pate
Fã-clubeDr Dawsound e outros 6 fãs
Dr DawsoundDr DawsoundDr DawsoundDr DawsoundDr Dawsound


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Dr Dawsound is a French Producer & Songwriter from Marseille, France. He can write in practically all style of music. He performs, arranges & records alone in his home studio. He is not a live artist and that's why he collaborates with other artists.

He works on a pop dance production Project with a vintage touch and songs will be ADD regularly. The 3 first track named "MUSIC" ,"Girl In A Hurry" and "No Gravity" are mixed and masterised by Austin Leeds at Los Angeles, California, US.

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