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Dy MooB

EstiloPop Rock
Cidade/EstadoCampo Grande / MS

The Shirt I Wear

Composição: Dy MooB

Walking through the night I see who comes from there (any Man) He does not have a happy face I can see he wears a band shirt, maybe maiden Blood was spilled tonight He turned to me And told me what they did to him I got up and went to the bar I wasn´t just for the man Only a fool attacks a brother of sound Metal only has one way I had the Angra shirt That was a reason to attack me too We all raised havoc All styles of metal Fighting right here We were losing the fight There wore many extremes, but some thing beautiful happened A bunch of Motorhead fans Halloween and Manowar The dispute was reversed there Someone started playing Freddie Freddie Mercury ended the fight we toast over our blood we remember the real metal is bigger than the shirt I wear…




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