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    The Young Golden Haired Warrior

    Whatson Allen

    The curtains has closed now
    On another fairy tale
    And a eternity has passed away

    What is left for me now ?

    This is it
    Our last hope
    This is it
    Our final chance
    I don't now If I can take it

    Words become deleted
    A empty soul
    A broken heart
    This is me and my memories now

    But I know I will find you
    No matter how dark
    Are the nights
    Morning will
    Always come
    And a new journey begins

    No longer
    The time princess
    Enough of it
    The echoes in my mind
    Fades away

    But I know now
    Truth shall manifest It self
    Once you believe
    In your fucking heart

    Our time is so short

    Our lifes don't meant to be
    So Hopeless
    I figure out there's no way to be
    I can't live without you

    Many have bleed, suffered and perished
    What it means to be alive?

    Without you by my side
    I can't see the lights

    Another place, Another Time
    I will find you

    Don't you ever let our love fade

    Forever yours

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    Even Alive é o projeto composto e produzido pelo músico Whatson Allen. Trazendo uma bagagem com inúmeras influências musicais, Even Alive produz suas músicas com melodias trabalhadas, riffs fortes, baterias agressivas e letras que retratam sentimento