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Thiago Rodrigues

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Sara Faro/Julio Fonseca

Imprisoned by my own confusion, fear made my mind its fun
Nothing makes me wake up from this nightmare, i can`t wake up from it
I`m so perplexed
Lost in questions and anwsers, without someone to trust.
I even don`t know anymore If i want to get out, or just give up
I`m so despaired
Sadness and angry are growing inside me, why can`t I stop it?
What is hapening to me? Crazy thoughts making my life a chaos
Sometimes thinking that would be better if i was dead.
Desires were passed away, no hope or believing
My faith is lost, my goodness is lost and it`s too hard to pick up the pieces and remake... i need to get out of this madness.
i have nothing to lose now, no sorrow anymore, so i guess there`comming my time.

How can someone destroys one lifetime this way?
How can someone left all behind
and leave to one unknown place?
How can someone just forget?

I speak with the voices i hear..
They told me to be the one now
That my turn is becoming near...
everything is getting clear..
` the voices told me to cause pain.
And they said that it`s the only way, so i`ll be finally free.
Be atencious, keep your eyes open, don`t sleep,it`s your time to be afraid now, i`m so close, i`m always waching you, that`s my time to cause terror now.

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High Frequency Experience é uma banda de rock progressivo formada em 2009 e com grande influência do estilo progressivo adotado pela banda americana Dream Theater, por ser uma banda com grande precisão em elementos clássicos, técnicos e com canções que mostram a habilidade de seus músicos. Formada por Sara Faro ( vocais), Julio Fonseca (keyboard and vocals), Thiago Rodrigues (guitar), Rodrigo Dornas (drums) e Hamilton Eduardo (bass), a HFE possui canções tanto vocais quanto instrumentais ( influenciadas pelo projeto Liquid Tension Experiment), escrevendo suas letras em inglês e se preocupando para que a música tenha feeling e ao mesmo tempo explore a capacidade musical de seus membros.
Formada recentemente, a HFE possui 8 músicas próprias, sendo 3 instrumentais, e está trabalhando para gravar o seu primeiro CD, à espera de algum produtor ...

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