Johnny Head

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Junior Gusmao (born and raised at the beginning of the 80s in Brazil), known by his stage name Johnny Head, is a musician, composer and singer-songwriter of his own musical work titled Johnny Head. He has his own style, but many people identify on his work influences of Pop, Soul, Ska, Reggae, Rock and mainly the 80s songs. An uncommon thing in his work is the fact of him singing in another language, English. The main reason is that he wants to show the Essence of His Thoughts to the whole world.

Earlier Life

JH was raised in a traditional family with few artists. He was the only one in his family who woke the desire of playing an instrument. As a child, his first instrument was a small toy Piano, with which he had his first contact with music. Still in his childhood, he got a Sweet Flute as a gift and, at that time, he decided to study and learn about music. Later, as a teenager, he got interested in how to play the guitar a lot, and then, he bought his first one.

Professional Career

JH has never taken instrumental music lessons. He is a self-taught musician. His first professional work was with a band called Inominaveis. He has played in that band as a guitar player and backing-vocal for six years before he left it to begin his Solo Career. It was when he decided to start singing his own compositions. Nowadays he has been working on his first Solo CD of his greatest musical project: Johnny Head. JH is also producing videos for his visual ideas to match with his songs.

Stage Name

Initially he has adopted the name Johnny JR for his solo career. After several discussions and questions about that name, he decided to change it for Johnny Head. The reason is in the fact of his lyrics having an intellectual content. Head is a connotation for those people that think a lot (Big Heads, Thinkers, etc). The name Johnny comes from an idea that he had since his childhood of naming a son Johnny. He has thought a lot about it during a long time. But he has not wanted to wait to have a baby and he has used that name in his current project.

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