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Seabright is a small, Northern California village tucked up against the Pacific Ocean outside of Monterey Bay. Days are filled with walks along the railroad tracks to Java J, Salmon fish-n-Chips at The Brewery, and sitting along a sun baked curb, cradling a warm coffee, waiting for a table at Linda’s Cafe. At one time, all four of Justin’s brothers lived there together in a run-down, antique craftsman bungalow a one-minute skateboard slide from Seabright Beach; a windswept expanse with a steep walk-down, a cave, and the ever beautiful, fickle River Mouth surf break. It’s these golden days, shimmering water, and bending Cypress that inspire much of Justin Fox’s latest album.

Although he now resides in Southern California with his wife of 12 years and their four children, he still harbors a soft spot for Santa Cruz. It comes through in his speech, laid back style, bare feet, and a love of dark coffee and fog drenched mornings. There’s no lingering, though... Justin’s been a touring, full-time musician for over 12 years, averaging 130 concert dates each year. He’s traveled across North America again and again, singing for 20, then 20,000, and then 20 again, and never letting up.

“People say the best thing is to write about what you know,” Justin begins. “So that’s what I did. I just wrote about what I know: California, the road, the coast, sunsets, God, prayer, hope, thankfulness. It’s all wrapped up in this theme of a journey; the journey of life. We’re kind of all taking this trip along the coast, whether you realize it or not; we’re all peering beyond the breakers, searching for real meaning.” This CD, his ninth, took a year to make and was recorded between surf sessions, around bonfires, and in makeshift home studios up and down California. Justin’s long-time touring band played all the instruments, sang all the harmonies, and made every tune leap with a sunny vibrancy.

I grew up among the Redwoods…

t’s the opening line on Seabright, and it’s true. It all started way back in the upper reaches of the Golden State. Justin grew up in Arcata; a college town nestled in the Redwood Forest, where there’s nothing else to do but play the guitar and write songs. At age 18, he accepted an opportunity to tour public high schools across the nation with Young American Showcase, performing over 500 school assemblies for over half a million teenagers in ten months. Surviving and excelling during that whirlwind year, things became quite clear that Justin was destined for a life “on the road”. He took a five year break to fuse his Christian faith and his musical craft, earning a Bachelor’s degree from Bethany College, interning with internationally known singer/songwriter/producer Bob Kilpatrick, and then hitting the road again…this time for good.

“We do this because we believe we’ve got a message to communicate”, Justin continues. “Music can reach even the hardest heart. It’s a powerful force, and to be able to share a little bit of light, some hope, and a deep joy...it’s the greatest honor...it’s why we do what we do.”

Fox has sold over 25,000 units independently, making him one of the most successful independent artists in music today.

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