Imagem de capa de Mago Trapus

Mago Trapus

Cidade/EstadoPaulínia / SP


Composição: Leo Fregolente

Don't be lying yourself She wouldn't share her feelings Almost fading away But she Stood beneath the Sun Perhaps praying in silence for me She always minds She always stands But thinking of her son To manage his life without control Feels proud of him Why? She asks for more She cries for more of me If someone's chilling sinly She would pray for I don't have the key to this door Don't let your kid goes wrong She’d, better, see the man that I was before No matter who I am, she cares for Don't let your sweet love die I don't know how to show What you've done for me so far I think, all the related poems I remember barely I will invite you to fly To see the world goes by Over the waves... The waves Mama, kiss me here We are in heaven Don't wake me up It's doesn't matter Don't let your kid behind If someone's shivering inside She'd have a prayer for When I was feeling so insecure You didn't let your kid goes wrong She said... You don't have to be afraid You are always my little child




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