Jean Nastrini

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Jean had taken classes with FRANCISCO CAMPOS NETO, more known as ..Chico Campos.., who also taught singers such as ANDRE MATOS (formely SHAAMAN).

Jean have been teaching ..vocal techniques.. since 1997 and also taught at COM (Centro de Orientação Musical), a foundation by drummer Alaor Neves.

Jean..s carreer highlights :

November 1999 .. Contacted by Tenison who works for popular brazilian musician LEONARDO. Jean was in charge of teaching a couple of country singers.

May 2000 .. VICTORIA , his own founded band, had the first performance at a workshow which took place at the Latin America..s largest musical conservatory .. SOUZA LIMA. One of the greatest brazilian guitarists performed on that night.

December 2000 .. Jean was elected, among dozens of candidates, by ANGRA..S guitarist RAFAEL BITTENCOURT for an audition which ...

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