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    Paulinho Lima

    (11) 4611-2291 | (11) 9526-2783

    Shining Star

    Paulinho Lima

    It was about 6:00 pm, on a rainy Friday
    The rain was falling outside
    I was looking through the window
    Seeing people running
    Escaping from the rain
    And from the wind

    I was alone
    Surrounded by four walls
    Waiting the phone ring
    Time delayed to pass
    My anxiety grew up, non stop
    Waiting the phone ring

    Suddenly the expected sound rang
    I could not believe
    I was ready to know you
    Yes, my little girl had come
    I could not believe
    When I took you in my arms
    For the first time

    Your face looked like an angel
    And you were there in my arms
    Tears in my eyes
    A unique moment in all my life
    I kissed you, embraced you
    And in your ears
    I told you how much
    I loved that moment
    And I blessed you

    You're a star
    Shining in my sky
    Bringing light in the dark
    You're a star
    Shining in my sky
    You're my reason, my life….

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    A música prá mim é pura inspiração. Você não a procura, ela te encontra. Quando menos se espera, vem melodia, vem letra e você tem em mãos algo vindo direto do coração. A música é a pura expressão do coração.