EstiloPop Rock
Cidade/EstadoCuritiba / PR


OuvintesLucas Queiroz e outros 9 ouvintes
Lucas QueirozLucas QueirozLucas QueirozLucas QueirozLucas Queiroz
Fã-clubeJunior Cardoso e outros 30 fãs
Junior CardosoJunior CardosoJunior CardosoJunior CardosoJunior Cardoso


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O seu sucesso está comigo" "Paulo Pires & Eva Ray" "Versões Prontas"
"Shania Twain"
"UP!"-"Man I feel like a woman"-"Dont'be stupid"-"I'm gonna getcha good"-"Come on over"-"You've got a way"
"Celine Dion"
"That's the way it is"-"Think Twice"-"All by my self"
"Christina Aguilera"
"I turn to you"
"Laura Pausini"
"Seamisai"-"La carta"
"Mariah Carey"
"Agaisnst all ods"Take a look at me now"-"Killing me softly"
"Alanis Morissete"
"That I would be good"
"Ricky Martin"
"La copa de la vida"-"Linvin'la vida loca"
"Yesterday"-"Let it be"
"Nicky Carter"
"Do I have to cry for you"
"Bon Jovi"
"You give love a bad name"-"I'II be there for you"-"Always"
"Rod Stewart"
"You are everything"...
"Nothings gonna stop us now"
"Bryan Adams"
"Heaven"-"Everything I do,I do it for you"...
"Air Supply"
"Lonely is the night"-"I can wait forever"-"Making Love out of nothing at all"
"Michael Jackson"
"Music and me"-"Ben"
"New Edition"
"Is this the end
"Fire House"
"I live my life for you"
"Love Hurts"-"Dream on"-"Games"-"Sunshine"-"Moonlight eyes"-"Heart's grow cold"-"Where are you now"
"Love leads to madness"...
"Michael Bolton"
"When a Man loves a Woman"
"Los Lobos"
"Donna"-"We belong together"
"Usa for África"
"We are the World"
"E muito mais,me ligue e escolha a sua preferida.
"0xx41-9994-7284"Paulo Pires & Eva Ray"

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