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Poison Gas

Poison Gas

Cidade/EstadoBelo Horizonte / MG

Doom's Day

Composição: Davi Leão, Gabriel Colen, Pedrinho, Rafael Baino

Once upon a time There was a man I knew So dark it was his soul Loneliness was his friend He hated everyone For no one knew there was A curse upon his soul There was this other boy Who heard about this story And tried to talk to him He thought there isn't such a thing Living in this world 'cause this boy was made of hope But hell so wrong he was When he met this man Or demon, for sure The sky fell upon our heads He questioned “Who are you?” The man said “I'm no one But the one who came to fix And to heal the world for once” “I see that it's a bad mistake All this whole existence Each man deserves to die.” So there were hell and heaven Fighting for the light and dark Creation was at stake And people were being judged. They battled very hard For the future of mankind Deciding the world's fate So this is the end Of that untold story About the fight of doom, Conviction and demise They're still out there Far beyond the shadows So that doom will fall…




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