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Raphael Drew Boltman

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Raphael Drew Miller Boltman is a portuguese indie and pop underground singer, song-writer and artist.
He began to sing publicly since 2009 in a bar in oPorto. He also started playing piano at 12 years old and has been dancing since 2011. He started his recordings in 2014 in Canada to release his first EP – "Timeless" with only 3 songs, but it was discarted and in 2015 he decided to make an emo-pop album entitled "Blue".
Raphael's "anti-debut" album Blue has 4 adaptations – "Unravel", "Stop This Train", "Courage" and "Blue World Prelude" and 4 covers. In 2016, Raphael released his acoustic album – "Blue Acoustic" with a new cover "Love Like You" from the Cartoon Network series "Steven Universe". Both Blue and Blue Acoustic were deleted from his streaming platforms because Raphael passed his depressive phase.

In 2017, Boltman said that he is working for something that will change his life. Currently, he is working on his 2nd Studio and re-debut Album "Clarity". Clarity will be an album with 2 original songs – "Colorblind" and "b̶̛̞̰̪͕̈̈́ḯ̵̞͙̭͚͙̳̟̒̓͊p̸̧̨̤̥͉̙̻͍̮̝͐͑̔͐̕o̶͚̲̊l̴͇̲̼̗͔͈̹̻͎̯̋ä̵̢̳͖̫̘̗̮̭͜r̷̡̨̰̬̲͗" and 8 covers. The difference between Blue and Clarity is that Clarity is an Alternative/Indie genre and to show the main goal that the album transmits: strength of friendship and independence.

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