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    Renan Soares

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    Renan Gustavo P. Soares was born in the city of Caruaru-PE and became interested in music the 13 years of age. Two years later the city of Garanhuns-PE, where currently resides, he began his guitar studies at the Center for Arts Armando de Queiroz Monteiro with guitarist, composer, arranger and producer Marcos Cabral, who guided him toward musical influences and to the days today. Has participated in bands such as: Moonlight (2005), Carla Rafaela (2006), Klayton Danata (2006). Participate now in Banda Doxo (White Metal) and, since 2004, the Banda Quartet Fusion (Instrumental). He participated in two editions of one of the most important cultural events of Pernambuco, the Winter Festival of Garanhuns (FIG) held by the Foundation of Historical and Artistic Heritage of Pernambuco (FUNDARPE) with the support of ...

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