Cidade/EstadoItapira / SP


Composição: L. Bagatella / L. Nunes / W. Clemente / A. Taddei / P. Skeeter

Break these chains This broken institution can not prevail Systemic lies, failure Psycho minds behind desks Playing god, providing death Enslaving your body and draining your soul Greed, genocide, hostile Hostile! Gambling lives Massive murder as they roll the dices You are just a gear, another parasite You sell your soul, you burn your sight Now drag yourself between these rats Another accomplice of this bloodshed We all die as you deny This is hostile, hostile There will be no place to hide This is hostile, hostile Pandemic This is a new disease Of assembled ideals Manipulating what you judge is real Starving vultures Waiting the dead remains Of useless servants Explosive Feel the flames burning it all to ashes Entrenched bodies And you neglect them Statically watching the whole world Being painted in red Will you bury them when they are dead?




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