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EstiloHard Rock
Cidade/EstadoGaranhuns / PE

The Man I've Become - Still Living

Composição: Renato Costa & Eduardo Holanda

The Man I’ve Become I have seen my heroes die I have seen many worlds collide Can’t you see? It seems like my hands are tied So many years passing by And I still can’t deal with this void inside It seems I’m always lonely in the crowds While life goes on Can I carry on? And guide my own steps? All hope is gone If I could change my way to view the world Again! Alone! If I could ease the pain that twists my soul To walk my road Recalling dreams from when I was young And now I see the man I’ve become And I really don’t know what went wrong I look in the mirror and realize That lines on my face just can’t hide My fight against the strength of time If you could be in my shoes what would you do? If you could feel the same, which way would you choose? "What would I do? But who's the king on this chessboard?"




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