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Rock And Roll Thunder - Still Living

Rock And Roll Thunder - Still Living

Renato Costa - Thiago Nascimento - Cleber Melo - Leandro Andrade - Eduardo Holanda

I don't spend my time like a crazy man
I just live my life
I spit on the grave of broken dreams
Cos’ I’m rust that never sleeps

I’m alive and rule my fate
Out of the cage of fear and rage
While the world sinks in the greed
I despise unreachable things

I’m a rock and roll thunder
Erasing my name from the book of the dead
I’m a rock and roll thunder
Burning in flames through the night

I walk alone through the mist
And live my days refusing to desist
When the shadows come at night
I never run away…I never lose my mind

I can hear a thunder cracking loud
Like a wave that spreads its sound
When all hell breaks loose again
The gods’ hammer will be in my hands

Through the night!

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Call Of The Night (Álbum: YmmiJ - 2017/2018)
YoutubeAin't Gonna Take it (EP: Taking A Few Days Off! - 2019)

A Still Living é uma banda independente de Rock and Roll que está na estrada desde 2004! Ao longo desses 15 anos lançamos os seguintes trabalhos:


*Taking a Few Days Off! (EP - 2019)
*YmmiJ (CD - 2017/Europa - 2018/Brasil);
*Still Living: The History of Singles (2012 - 2015) - (EP - 2016)
*From Now On + 1 Bônus (CD - 2016) - Relançamento/Reissue
*Humanity (CD - 2015);
*From Now On (CD - 2012);

*Call of The Night (single digital - 2017);
*Flying High (single digital - 2015);
*Surrender (single digital - 2014);
*Hollow Man (single digital - 2013);
*Stream Of Life (single digital - 2012);

*Believe (demo/2007);
*Still Living (demo/2005).

Participações em coletâneas:
* Blizzard of Rock ...

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