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    Alexandro R. Pazotto

    (19) 9381-7256

    End Of Times


    I look at the side and I don't see anything
    Leaning in a thousand things with the extinguished lights
    Being to sleep
    I sleep and I dream

    Now it is the time of the end
    Now it is your end

    Now tells me where I will free
    I see the angels that call me
    But they don't hear me
    What will belong to me?

    It is close my end
    All see going, and I begin rioting
    Because I don't get to return
    Shades are wrapping up
    And you fear? Going to grow

    When less I wait
    Me nearer end is!
    My chances ended,
    Now it is to see what will give

    Arrived the hour of the end
    I cry for nothing having friends close to me
    I hear the voice of some places that says
    Your lost it?

    Now it is your end!
    Your time...

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    Após a divulgação de seu primeiro trabalho, a Demo "Lost Souls", a Banda UKTENNA está em nova fase, o lançamento do seu primeiro CD, "Desperate Cry". De estilo gothic metal, o novo trabalho da banda vem com uma musicalidade surpreendente e sonoridade inovadora, prometendo causar impacto.
    É aguardar e conferir.

    After the release of his first work, the Demo "Lost Souls", the band is in UKTENNA new phase, the launch of its first CD, "Desperate Cry". Style of gothic metal, the band's new job comes with a surprising musicality and sonority innovative, promising impact.
    You wait and check.