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Cidade/EstadoSão Paulo / SP

A New Beginning

Composição: Calegari/Landgraf/Prado

The end of the world as we know it It is so near yet we are blindfolded By the illusion of material holdings So we close our hearts to peace, love, rapture As we fear each others’ wrath, envy, pain. That's why we feel so afraid of dying. The resentment of a hollow life And Unfulfilled dreams. THE FIRE BURNS AS THE PILLAGE BEGINS THE GIANT WAVES SWEEP THE LANDSCAPES CLEAN NUCLEAR PLANT BLOWS, RADIOACTIVE MUTANT BEINGS EATING EACH OTHER IN THIS FUTURE SO GRIM ‘TILL WE WIPE OUT THE WHOLE EXISTENCE ON PLANET EARTH But there's time to change the things that we've been doing. Eventuate the human improvement. The separation may become the oneness. That will open our hearts to peace, love, rapture. There will be no more fear, wrath, pain or envy. That's why I am not afraid of dying. The plenitude of a joyful life And realized dreams. Just catch your breath, let your inner self blossom forth. Your senses flow, throughout space and time. Then you may see an energy of purity. Ascend yourself, my brother, let the dream become reality.




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