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    Apologies, can´t I hear?
    No way, from anyone
    My future I wanna hide
    But I am strong 'cos I don't lie
    Like You

    The doubt is still alive
    I search the answers, I'm not blind
    The doubt is still alive
    Against the wall, I use my mind

    Be careful when you walk
    I am tired and you speak a lot
    Take care, anywhere
    I will be there, like the air
    Waiting for you
    I will waiting for you

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    We really want bring back something special in our songs. We have been dedicating some years to compose greats songs with a high quality and we pursuit to show all deep feelings wich noone could express.

    Sometimes we freak out, and sometimes we feel so good.

    We belive that everything can be changed in a couple seconds! everything can be moved and everything can be transformed in something better.

    Nothing it's invariant. Even our life! Try some different, try some new.

    Influences: Pearl Jam, AudioSlave, Nirvana, Live, STP, Guns`n Roses, Metallica.

    Listen to our songs at or too.

    The Vintage Code was founded in 2008 by Alex and Cel.