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This page is a reflect of my music in different times of my life and with diferent partnership. For me is like an memorial that keeps the energy of some deep vibrations made alone or together with great friends of mine.

I have organized them in a context meaning, except the first two, which are recent so I put first:

"Forrozinho encavacado" is a play on forró folk music. This is a tradicional music of brazilian northwest region.

"Hey dude, I thought i've seen the Fish", which is a new song, a jazz composition I am developing. I've played all guitars, and used an eletric drum. Home made multitrack record.

The Following songs are sorted by the connections I made between each of them:

The song "Chamado" (Call), is a composition played and singed by myself in a three voices arrangement. Home made multitrack record.

"A poesia das fábricas" (The poetry of factories), and "A cada manhã" (In every morning), are live recordings from the Mandala group, in which I take part.
In those two records I'm responsable for the solo guitar, and some of the background vocals. The songs are Felipe Felice's compositions.

The tunes "Imperio de Harmonio das Arabias" (Harmonio from Arabia's empire), "Inspiração moura e aparição de Robert Plant" (Mauristic inspiration and Robert Plant's insurrection), and "Mantrão" (Big Mantra), are live free improvisations made by Mandala group, as too "Mergulho na Mandala Sonora" (Dive in Sound Mandala).
I've played Harmonium, Guitar, Drums, Piano, in this order. I've participated of the vocals in all of them too. "Indio Groove" (Indian Groove) tune, I play the ocarina and the chant.

"Alma Aberta" is an eletric and acoustic guitar duo free improvisation made in partnership with Felipe Felice.
I've played the eletric guitar.

"Improviso" (Improvisation), "Corrente" (Chain), "O som da mata e do banhado" (The sound of jungle and swamp), and "Trem em deserto" (Train on desert) are free improvisations made in partnership with my guitar teacher, Ives Mizoguchi.
I've played steel string guitar in all, and singed in some of them. Ives played the nylon strings, some drums, flutes and voices.

"Imerscaleta" is an flute + escaleta recording, an dialogue between the ancient music and the tonal. Me and myself.

"Selva" (jungle), "Dor apimentada" (spicy pain), "Felicidade" (Happiness), "Impermanencia e Solidão", and "Opera dos improvisos sucessivos" (Sucessive improvisations' opera) are home made multitrack alone recordings.

"Canto espontâneo" (free chant') is an drum and voice free chant made by myself.

"Musica Tensa" (Tense song), and "Ó o telefone Zé" (Hey Joe, pick up the phone) are piano improvisations.

"Chaboris" is a pretty old record of an old group I had when I was nineteen, called Yanomami. I've played the solo guitar.

"Teto" is a recent record. I've played some instruments in combination with my mixer's FX. The result is a little bit hypnotic, I think.

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