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Dr Dawsound


No Gravity

Composição: Dr Dawsound

Every time you meet me Everywhere you touch me Every night I feel your rhythm Gone the bad vibrations Done the silly problems None will never stop sensations Under lights Dancing on the beat Reaching in orbit All the love of the night It's alright For a dream of bright Among the starlights Between the rays of light (Pre chorus) When I fly high in the skies When I float free on the floor When I feel in me this flow so, I get only good vibes And when my heart is down Under the line The beat makes me feel fine Above the line So, my heart won't be down Under the line When the music begins Above the line There is no gravity Gravity, gravity There is no gravity No Gravity, gravity Everyone is dancing Every heart is beating Every night under the spotlights Time to keep up tempo Align bodies with flow Finding love under the stage lights Just a feel A flight in taxi Through the galaxy Just a rhythm appeal Just so light High above the clouds So far from sorrows flying in the moonlight Good vibes... Fly, fly...




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